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Benefits of having facial trauma surgery treatment

Posted on 4/24/2023 by Dr. David Wanserski
Benefits of having facial trauma surgery treatmentFacial trauma occurs when an injury damages the soft tissue, underlying bone, or nerves of the face and jaw. Because of the sensitive nature of facial injuries and the high degree of physical and emotional distress, early evaluation and prompt treatment of facial trauma are essential to achieving the best possible outcome.

A CT scan is usually necessary to properly assess the extent of your injury and determine the next steps to restore function and achieve an optimal aesthetic result. With extensive experience in facial reconstruction, our surgeons are committed to treating injuries to the face with diligence and precision. For bookings, our practitioners are available.

Risks of facial trauma surgery

Facial trauma repair surgery can greatly improve your confidence and comfort after a traumatic injury. Some of the benefits you can expect after this procedure include a more natural appearance with minimized scarring by improved stability and strength to a fractured bone. Restored functionality and integrity of injured facial features where most people find the benefits of surgery far outweigh the risks. Prompt facial trauma repair reduces your risk of developing permanent complications to the delicate facial structures.

Facial trauma repair is a highly customized procedure. Your surgical plan will depend on the severity and location of your injury. Typically, however, a combination of techniques is used to provide the best result. Discomfort is common after facial trauma repair surgery. Bruising and swelling are to be expected and can be managed with proper self-care measures. Your comfort level will depend on the extent of your surgery, as well as your pain tolerance. Pain medication may be prescribed if necessary.

Most people can return to work in 1-2 weeks. However, your recovery may take more time if your injury is severe. Your surgeon will let you know when it's safe to resume normal activities.

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