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5 Benefits of consulting a prosthodontist

Posted on 8/7/2023 by Dr. David Wanserski
 5 Benefits of consulting a prosthodontistProsthodontists are dedicated to replacing missing and damaged teeth. They also do other treatments including dentures, dental implants, crowns, and bridges. In the case of a missing tooth, an artificial tooth is used and it will look good as new.

Jaw operations

Prosthodontists also handle issues concerning jaw structures. Occasionally, your general dentist may refer you to a prosthodontist if you have TMJ pain, which is the pain or tenderness of your temporomandibular joints and mouth or facial pain. This might occur when your case is complex or if they need to coordinate treatment.

Prevent hypertension

Your body needs regular check-ups, whether general or oral. A prosthodontist does not only concern himself with matters of oral health. Cardiovascular diseases like hypertension, angina, myocardial infraction, infective endocarditis, congestive heart failure, and anticoagulant therapy which are caused by bacterial infections and blood pressure-related problems, are also a prosthodontist's concern.

Blood pressure

Before any procedure is done by the doctor, they ensure to take down your blood pressure readings. This helps the dentist to create a baseline to monitor for any issues. It also indicates your hypertension which is an indication of the level of your anxiety. It is important to maintain a calm surrounding for the patient and the doctor for a productive session.

Maxillofacial procedures

When it comes to replacing lost tissues either by birth or by accident, nobody does it better than prosthodontists. With skilled and precise training for complex procedures, they restore your natural glow in months. Our doctor guides you on what to do when it comes to your oral health and also what to avoid in the case of using antihypertensive drugs

Oral health

Your oral health comes a long way in matters of self-esteem. You should visit your dentist for a check-up after every six months, that is for proper oral screening. Prosthodontists are recognized experts where anything needs to be replaced in the mouth and a wide range of things that they perform. You can only be as confident as your smile is so seeing a prosthodontist should be a must-do. Contact our prosthodontists today to help you learn about your health. Your comfort is our priority, in and outside the hospital.
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