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Here are snacks that are good for your teeth

Posted on 1/2/2024 by Dr. David Wanserski
Image of an apple with nutritional facts label. We eat snacks for fun and also to feed our cravings. The question is, are you choosing to eat the best snacks or, are you helping the bacteria in your mouth alter your oral health? Many snacks that people refer to as healthy are sugary and increase the risk of tooth decay. They sure taste good but are harmful to your teeth. A product might be labeled 'organic' or 'GMO-free' but still not good for your oral health. Here are some snacks that you will enjoy eating and at the same time, will help keep your teeth healthy.

Healthy snacks

The best snacks are those that are not acidic, sugary, or sticky. That means they do not hang around the mouth and contain tooth-friendly components like phosphorus and calcium. They may also be responsible for stimulating saliva, which is a natural tooth cleaner.

First, are the crunchy fruits and vegetables like carrots, apples, and celery. They are crunchy and help in cleaning teeth due to their crunchy nature. They give the teeth an extra brush. Cheese, yogurt, and plain nuts are healthy snacks rich in calcium and phosphorus. They are mainly used to repair the tooth enamel making it stronger. Other snacks that are advisable are sugar-free boiled sweets and oatcakes with sugar-free peanut butter. For drinks, it is best to limit acidic and sugary options. Go for sugar-free drinks instead.

What to avoid

Top of the list is the sugary snacks and gummy sweets. They are much loved by most for their taste, but they are horrendous for your dental health. Other foods to be cautious about are lollipops, sugarcoated cereals, boiled sweets, and sweet biscuits. Finally, remember to rinse your mouth every day after eating these snacks, sweetened or not. Taking care of your teeth starts with you before it gets to us. Call us today for any more information.
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