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Should I use mouthwash or just brush my teeth?

Posted on 1/15/2024 by Dr. David Wanserski
Image of mouth wash. Mouthwash is also called oral rinse and is used to rinse teeth, gums, and mouth. It contains an antiseptic that kills harmful bacteria that can live between teeth and the tongue. You can use mouthwash to prevent tooth decay. For those of you who love fresh breath, mouthwash fights bad breath as well. Some ingredients used in the production of mouthwash, help strengthen your teeth. Hence, it's advisable to consult before purchasing mouthwash to get the best brand.

How to use mouthwash

When using mouthwash, one should follow the package instructions since product directions vary according to the brand of mouthwash used. That will enable the effectiveness of mouthwash and better results.

Some of the basic instructions include, first, brushing your teeth and flossing them thoroughly. Immediately after brushing your teeth, it is recommended to wait for a while since some of the toothpastes used while brushing contain fluoride which can easily be washed away by mouthwash.

How much of mouthwash should one use?

Since you picked the mouthwash of your choice, the instructions provided guide you well on how much you should use. In most cases, they recommend between 3 and 5 teaspoons of mouthwash, you should pour in a measuring cup provided.

Setting the mouthwash and rinsing it

Now that you have measured your mouthwash, empty it into your mouth, swish it all around your mouth, and remember not to swallow it since it won't work effectively. After swishing it around your mouth, rinse your mouth while gargling for around 30 seconds before spitting it into the sink.

When to use mouthwash

When mouthwash is used randomly in the banishing of bad breath, it will not effectively strengthen our teeth or in fighting gum diseases hence, you are advised to use mouthwash when your teeth are freshly cleaned for the best results.

How often should you use mouthwash?

Under any circumstance, mouthwash should not be used as a replacement for brushing and flossing your teeth. Mouthwash should also not be used just to keep our mouths clean. Some mouthwash products recommend that it should be used twice a day after brushing and flossing.

How does mouthwash work?

Different products work for different purposes due to varying ingredients. That calls for examining your mouth before landing on any product. Visit us!
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