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Are Electric Brushes Good for Dentures?

Posted on 4/15/2024 by Weo Admin
An electric toothbrushAn electric brush is too harsh for dentures. If you have dentures, consider special brushes with specially designed soft bristles.

Who Needs Dentures?

A denture is simply a plate that holds artificial teeth. These removable oral plates replace one or more lost teeth and help you restore full oral functionality, including eating and speaking. Dentures are designed to be full or partial depending on the number of missing teeth. The idea of acquiring a denture can be daunting at first. However, a close assessment shows that the benefits of dentures significantly outweigh the costs.

What Type of Brush Is Good for Dentures?

Get a soft, bristled special denture brush to clean your dentures. A normal brush and warm water will do the job, but you need to be gentle. You should remember that a denture is an artificial appliance; thus, you cannot use the same force as natural teeth. If you use too much force, you might damage the denture or dislodge it from the gum. If you cannot brush your dentures after every meal, rinse them after meals to remove leftover food. This will help you control bacteria growth in your mouth.

Electric brushes tend to be tooth-aggressive for dentures. If you have full dentures, then stay away from electric brushes. However, if you have partial dentures, you can remove them and brush them with the tip when it is turned off. Then, brush the remaining natural teeth with the brush turned on.

After removing your dentures at night, soak them in an antibacterial solution overnight to prevent bacterial growth.

How Do I Maintain Denture Hygiene?

According to the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, oral hygiene is critical whether you are using natural teeth, implants, or dentures. You thus need to clean your dentures at least once a day. Otherwise, bacteria will accumulate on your denture, increasing the risk of gum infections, bad breath, and other oral issues. The best way to care for your dentures is by brushing them just like natural teeth.

Closing Remarks

Electric brushes tend to be too harsh for dentures. Dentures need soft bristled brushes. Consult with our dentist for the best brush for your dentures.

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