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Reasons Why a Dental Crown May Come Out On Its Own

Posted on 9/20/2019 by Dr. David Wanserski
Reasons Why a Dental Crown May Come Out On Its OwnWhen you get a dental crown, it is put there to protect some type of damage that occurred to your original tooth. You expect that crown to last quite some time, and with proper care, it can. However, there are also times where a dental crown could come back out.

Should that happen, you need to reach out to us so we can figure out what happened and replace the crown. If your old crown is still usable, we will place it back in. If not, we will create a new crown that will protect your original tooth.

You Bumped Your Crown

Sometimes a dental crown can come out due to accidents, like a fall or car accident where you harmed your face. This may have knocked your crown loose or even straight out of your mouth. If the crown came out, make sure to keep it and bring it to our office with you. That way, we can see if it can be reused, or if it will require a totally new crown.

Your Original Tooth Had Decay

Another reason a crown can fall out is if the original tooth had some decay. We use cement to hold the tooth in place, and if your tooth began to decay, the cement may have nothing to hold on to. We often use crowns over large cavity spaces, so if the cavity grew again, the space may have released the grip on your cement.

No matter what caused your crown to come loose, we can help keep your mouth protected. Call us as soon as you notice any issue with your dental crown, so we can take a look at it. We will do everything we can to ensure it gets put back into place as quickly as possible.
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