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How to Correct Denture Halitosis

Posted on 11/25/2019 by Dr. David Wanserski
How to Correct Denture HalitosisHalitosis can be a major concern for many people. It may be embarrassing to have to deal with bad breath throughout the day, especially in interactions with co-workers and strangers.

The most common cause of halitosis is poor dental hygiene, however, there can be other causes, including biological, dry mouth, bad diet, illness, and tobacco use.

Steps to Take
People who use dentures are particularly at danger of experiencing halitosis because of the extra oral hygiene they must complete each day to maintain their dentures. A good way to find out if dentures are the cause of your bad breath is to place them in a container like a plastic food bag and let them sit in the bag while it is sealed.

After some time, you can open the bag, and if it smells bad, the dentures are the cause of the bad breath. The first step to take when considering denture care is good oral hygiene inside of your mouth. It is important to break up the bacteria in your mouth to prevent halitosis from occurring, which mean regularly brushing your teeth. This also means scheduling a dentist's appointment once every six months, which we can help with.

Other than inside your mouth, it is important to care of your dentures, whether you have traditional or instant dentures. Removable dentures need to be thoroughly cleaned every day by removing them from your mouth and brushing them vigorously like you would normal teeth. Food often will get stuck between the teeth of your dentures causing a bad smell.

Even if you do not see food, it could be possible there are tiny bits of food between the denture teeth that are hard to see. It may also be necessary to use a denture cleaning solution at night so that your dentures will become fully cleaned by the morning. Denture cleaning fluid will help fight against bad smells and kill most of the bacteria left over from brushing them.

If halitosis is persistent after rigorous oral care, it could be another cause. We recommend giving us a visit if you have perpetual halitosis for a consultation about ways to resolve your problem. Maybe while you are here, we can also discuss other way to keep dentures clean!
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