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An Overview of the First Month With Dentures

Posted on 4/15/2020 by Dr. David Wanserski
An Overview of the First Month With Dentures Dentures have been around for a long time--in fact, George Washington wore them after losing all of his teeth by the age of 30. Back in George's day, losing all of your teeth that young was no big deal. Dentures are still in use today--in fact, over 130 million Americans need dentures because they are missing all of their teeth. When you decide to get dentures, what should you expect? We have a guideline that might help you know what the first 30 days are like when you get dentures.

Why People Need Dentures

People lose their teeth for a variety of reasons. The most obvious reason you lose your teeth is because you have either tooth decay or gum disease. Both tooth decay and gum disease are caused by bacteria, and both can cause you to lose your teeth. People can also need dentures when they have an illness, such as cancer, or an injury, such as a car accident.

What Is The First Month Like With Dentures?

On the first day you get your dentures, you may experience some swelling, especially if you had teeth extracted before you got your dentures. Be sure that you are eating soft foods only for the first few days, because they are easier on your gums with your new dentures. During the first two weeks, you may notice that you have more saliva in your mouth. You may also have sore spots in your mouth from the dentures rubbing against your gums. Rinse your mouth with warm saltwater to help with the sore areas. Continue the soft food diet as long as your gums are irritated. Beginning in week three, your gums should feel better, and you can begin incorporating foods that require chewing. If you haven't been using dental adhesive, now you should be able to use it to make sure your dentures fit securely. By week four, you should be able to chew whatever food you want without a problem. If you are still experiencing pain or discomfort with your dentures, this is the time to give us a call. Don't hesitate to call us if you have any questions during the denture fitting process.
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