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Ways of Stopping Denture Halitosis

Posted on 6/22/2020 by Dr. David Wanserski
Top 4 Signs Your Dentures Don't Fit As They ShouldIf you have dentures, you may be thrilled with the way they look and feel. If you are worried that your dentures don't fit right, what are some signs to look for that would let you know they are not fitting the way they should. Here are our top signs your dentures need to fit better.

Accidents Can Happen

You may think that you're the only one who has stepped on your dentures with a high-heeled shoe, or dropped one of your plates from a deck. We're here to assure you that you're not. However, when you have an accident with your dentures, and you try to fix your dentures yourself, this nearly always leads to trouble. Don't try and reattach a broken off tooth yourself or mend a crack. If it is not done correctly, it can lead to problems with your gums- so let us fix your mistakes for you- at least when it comes to dentures.

Chewing Becomes More Difficult

Everyone experiences problems chewing when they first get dentures. However, if you have had dentures for a while, and you are having trouble chewing, it's time to bring them in. It may be that your dentures need to be relined so they fit better.

Your Dentures Are Uncomfortable

Your dentures will never be as comfortable as your natural teeth were, but you will gradually get used to them. Some people even forget they are wearing them at all. If you suddenly start to experience sharp pain or discomfort when you bite down, you may need to have your dentures adjusted, or you may be having issues with your jawbone. We'll need to check it out.

You Get Sores On Your Gums

If you notice sores on your gums, your dentures definitely need adjustment. Pressure sores develop when your dentures are putting too much friction or pressure on your gums. The pressure on your gums should be distributed throughout your gumline. If you have pressure sores, we need to adjust your dentures.

Do you have problems with your dentures? Are they not fitting right? If you need help with your dentures, give us a call today, and let us make you an appointment.
Ways of Stopping Denture Halitosis

Yes, it is true, just as with your natural teeth, your dentures can also lead to having bad breath! However, there are ways to make sure that you have a fresh and clean mouth and feel confident as you go on about your day.

What Causes Bad Breath or Halitosis with Dentures

Generally, the cause of the bad breath is that after eating there are little bits of food that most likely become lodged in, around and underneath the dentures. Then a layer of plague forms around the leftover food, creating the bad smell. You can also create an unpleasant smell by failing to clean the dentures every day, just as with natural teeth as that also will cause plaque and bacteria to back up. Also, wearing your dentures all the time with never taking them out will also cause such a smell.

How to Avoid Denture Halitosis

Clean your dentures daily, food and plaque should be removed every day to help with freshness and leave you with a feeling of confidence when speaking to friends or family. Simple steps are all it takes to keep you smiling without fear of a bad smell. Soaking, brushing and rinsing are all vital steps. Give your dentures a deep clean every night with a warm soak in water or a denture cleanser and this will remove any bacteria that could cause odors. If using a denture cleanser, please follow each brand's specific instructions and only purchase cleansers that have been ADA approved. When brushing, you should use a soft toothbrush to remove any debris and then rinse completely under running water. Be sure to remove your dentures before you go to sleep, as this helps prevent bacteria from growing overnight and give your mouth a rest as well. Keeping your dentures clean is one of the best ways to ensure the presence of any clean breath and feeling confident.

Finally, using a denture adhesive also helps with bad breath or halitosis as the adhesive helps to keep food from being trapped in your dentures as it puts a seal between the dentures and your gums. You can enjoy your meals, not be fearful of dentures slipping and also you are not taking the chance of bad breath.

If you are experiencing severe or chronic bad breath, please call the office. We are happy to talk with you and make an appointment and offer you advice on how you can be more confident about your breath freshness.
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