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Are Denture Creams Better Than Adhesives?

Posted on 7/7/2020 by Dr. David Wanserski
Are Denture Creams Better Than Adhesives?There are several different types of denture adhesives including creams, pastes, strips, powders, and patches. These compounds are designed to hold dentures in place, provide a comfortable fit, and seal out food particles. The product is applied to the underside of dentures, basically “sticking” them to the gums. Adhesives can be worn with full or partial sets and provide an added layer of security. The question is whether one is better than the other. Honestly, it is a matter of personal preference. Here is some information on denture creams compared to other adhesives.

Adhesive Denture Creams

Adhesive cream is the most popular dental adhesive. It is also known as denture paste, bonding cream, or clue. The cream comes in a tube and can easily double for toothpaste. This adhesive comes into direct contact with the gums and is frequently rich in zinc. One of the drawbacks to adhesive cream is the risk of it seeping from the sides, even if dentures are perfectly aligned. Though creams are easy to find and quite affordable, the excess seeping out is not a desired look.

Other Adhesives

Denture powder is used to keep things in place plus it doesn't make a mess. The concern with powders is that saliva can loosen the bond throughout the day. Adhesive strips are the newest yet most expensive method of bonding dentures to the gums. Other names for these strips are pads, wafers, and cushions. The material does need to be cut every day, but if you have the patience to do this and the means to purchase them, denture strips are as strong as they are unnoticeable. You don't need to worry about oozing cream or your dentures loosening up an inopportune moment with this adhesive method.

Creams are inexpensive, convenient, readily available, and they will hold dentures in place. If you are interested in other denture adhesives, we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.
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