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Possible Signs You Need to Get a Denture

Posted on 4/26/2021 by Dr. David Wanserski
Possible Signs You Need to Get a Denture Dentures, for myself? No way! Almost 60 percent of all respondents in a recent survey mentioned that they never thought they'd need dentures since they take good care of their dental health. But, dentures are more prevalent today than they ever were. Almost 20 million women over the age of 40, which makes 20 percent of the total demographic in the United States, wear partial or full dentures.

Knowing the growing rise in patients wearing dentures, it is only recommended for people to recognize the possible signs they'll need a denture. Understanding these signs can eventually save them from unnecessary hassle down the line.

Rare Visits to Dentists

Regardless of whether it seems like overkill, visiting the dentist is the right solution for keeping your oral health in check. Twice yearly visits can help with preventing tooth decay and gum diseases among a number of different ailments. If you haven't been visiting your dentist frequently, then you are a potential case for dentures in the future.

Your Teeth are Loose and have Wider Gaps

Loose teeth and wider gaps between them can be potentially caused by depleting bone health. If these signs persist for longer, you will need to go for a possible alternative in the form of dentures. Loose teeth can also be a sign of advanced gum disease in humans. This disease, once ignored can become hard to manage.

You're Already Missing a Couple of Teeth

People who have lost more than two or three teeth should dial their dentist, pronto. Carelessness in getting a partial denture will damage your other teeth as well, and will push you towards a full denture as the only solution to the problem.

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