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Symptoms of a Dead Tooth

Posted on 6/20/2022 by Dr. David Wanserski
Symptoms of a Dead ToothThe teeth in your mouth are actually alive. They have what is called the pulp at the core of the tooth, and this pulp contains nerves and blood vessels. You may wonder how a tooth feels painful when injured or decayed, but it is because of the nerves in there. And because teeth are alive, it means they can die. A tooth would die because of a couple of reasons.

What Causes a Tooth to Die?

Trauma arising from sports injuries, physical contact, and falling can cause damage to the teeth. When a tooth is injured to an extent where it cannot repair itself, then it is said to be dead. Often, blood flow in the tooth may stop and the nerves and other issues start dying.

Another reason you may have a dead tooth is decay. A tooth has three layers – the outer layer we call the enamel is found above the gum line. The outer layer found below the gum is known as cementum. The two layers are calcified and pretty hard. They help protect the teeth from bacteria and plaque action. The second layer is known as dentin, and then there is the third layer known as the pulp, which provides life to the teeth.

Symptoms of Dead Teeth

When bacteria cause decay through the first two outer layers, it reaches the pulp where it brings symptoms such as sensitivity to cold or heat, pain while chewing, pain while biting down, and facial swelling. You may also have gum boil. It is a good idea you visit our dental office if you have any of these symptoms. Regular dental exams are also crucial because they can help identify some of these issues before they worsen. Contact us today for an examination and dental treatment. We want to make sure that you have a healthy, strong bite.

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