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Conditions That Are Managed Through Prosthodontist Treatments

Posted on 7/4/2022 by Dr. David Wanserski
Conditions That Are Managed Through Prosthodontist TreatmentsMost dental problems can be resolved through prosthodontic treatment. Although not always the case, some of the conditions may require surgery. Given the long list of conditions that can be treated by prosthodontists, we will stick to the main ones on this list. Below are the key conditions that require prosthodontist treatments.

Replacing Missing Teeth

This is a situation where one or more teeth are lost through an accident or traumatic event. The teeth can be replaced by available options such as dental crowns, bridges, and temporary wearables among others. These products are all administered by prosthodontists.

Restoring Decayed Teeth

The other treatment handled by a prosthodontist is the restoration of rotten teeth. This can be done by the use of dental filing, crowns, veneers, or complete replacement of rotten teeth.

Restoring Dentures and other Prostheses

The other condition that is commonly handled by prosthodontic treatments is the correction and replacement of prostheses. These refer to dental implants that are put in place by a prosthodontist. If they break, wear out or develop complications, you must visit a prosthodontist.

Treating TMJ Disorders

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ) disorder is a condition that is caused by slight dislocation in the jaw. The condition can be quite painful and may make it impossible for a person to chew food. It is often corrected through surgery that is only handled by a prosthodontist.

Treating Snoring and Sleep Disorders

Snoring and other sleeping disorders can be solved by dental procedures. There are wearables that a prosthodontist can administer to help those who snore or lose breath in their sleep to have a much more peaceful night's sleep.

Treating Traumatic Facial Injuries

Finally, prosthodontist treatments are vital in repairing traumatic facial injuries. Any injury that disfigures the look of a person can only be corrected by a prosthodontist.
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