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Dental Bridges
Wausau, WI

Rendering of a dental bridge at Wanserski Dental Center for Complex Dentistry in Wausau, WINo one ever really anticipates losing a tooth. They’re called permanent teeth for a reason. However, sometimes, tooth loss happens. Moreover, when it does, you have options. At Wanserski Dental Center for Complex Dentistry, we offer several tooth replacement options. One such option we offer is called a bridge.

The Traditional Fixed Bridge

We offer several bridge solutions. One of the most common types, however, is what is known as a traditional fixed bridge. This is a bridge that anchors your replacement tooth into the empty space in your smile using crowns. To place this type of restoration, we do need to shave or remove, some of the enamel from the teeth on each side of the gap so that the crowns fit properly. This allows your bridge to fit naturally and comfortably into your mouth. A traditional fixed bridge can be made from a variety of materials, including metal and ceramic. Ceramic bridges are typically recommended for dealing with tooth loss near the front of your mouth, which allows us to improve your smile while also improving your oral health.

Are There Other Types of Bridges?

Fixed bridges might be the most common, but there are a few other types of traditional bridges as well. One is called a cantilever bridge. This is a bridge that also uses crowns to hold your replacement teeth in your mouth, but they are only on one side of the replacement teeth instead of both sides. Like a traditional fixed bridge, the tooth that will support the crown will need to be shaved down so that the crown will fit correctly. There is also what is known as a Maryland bridge. Instead of crowns, this bridge uses a metal framework that resembles little wings, which are bonded to the backsides of the adjacent teeth.

Implant Bridges

You also have another option that is a bit different from traditional bridges. It is a dental implant bridge. Instead of using your adjacent teeth, an implant bridge uses one or more posts that are placed into the bone to support your replacement teeth. This particular type of bridge alternative is quickly gaining popularity over traditional treatments due to its natural appearance and its ability to preserve the strength of your jawbone while also restoring the normal functions of your missing teeth. We also do not need to alter your adjacent teeth in any way to accommodate an implant bridge. Your healthy teeth remain completely intact.

Which Bridge Solution is Best for Me?

Each type or bridge has its pros and cons. For instance, traditional solutions are affordable. A fixed bridge is more stable than a Maryland bridge. When made from ceramic, traditional bridges look perfectly natural. They also help to restore your oral health and improve the functions of your mouth. However, traditional solutions do not do anything for your jawbone, which means you still deal with bone loss even once the teeth are replaced. With an implant bridge, the implant posts stimulate your jawbone just like your natural teeth. The biggest drawbacks to an implant solution are typically the cost and the fact that they require surgery for placement. If you are unsure of what type of bridge solution is right for you, we are more than happy to help.

If you are interested in learning more about your dental bridge options for replacing a missing tooth, call Wanserski Dental Center for Complex Dentistry at (715) 848-2435 today to schedule your appointment along with your next dental cleanings.
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Dental bridges are one of several tooth replacement options but there are several bridge solutions. Call Wanserski Dental Center today to learn which option is best for you!
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